ConsolidatedPSAThe implementation of the Kalahi CIDSS NCDDP in Dalaguete has virtually kicked off. From the Social Preparation stage, it is now on the level of Community Planning and Project Development. After the crucial Barangay Participatory Situation Analysis, wherein the community problems that confronted our barangays were carefully identified and corresponding solutions raised by the community volunteers, two more important steps are needed to be taken. These are the Consolidation and the Criteria Setting Workshop.

In the Consolidation, validated PSA results from all barangays are integrated to come up with a consolidated municipal map of problems and needs besetting our communities. It also includes the proposed interventions from the LGU, NGAs and NCDDP plans, programs and activities aimed at alleviating the plight of our people.

The Criteria Setting Workshop is a mechanism by which the community members, represented by two community volunteers and the barangay captain of each barangay (Barangay Representation Teams), determine the factors that would guide the selection of Community-Driven Development Interventions to most effectively address the identified community problems. It takes the form of a Municipal Inter-Barangay Forum in which the community volunteers are provided with the experience of collectively analyzing municipal poverty conditions, criteria-based identification of development problems and solutions, participatory project design and development, and participatory resource allocation.

The activity was opened by the welcome and inspirational message by no less than the Mayor himself. He deftly explained the place of Kalahi Program in the overall picture of the municipality’s efforts and closed his message to all delegates exhorting patience, study and perseverance in the common struggle against poverty. The Area Coordinator Jason Alensonorin proceeded with an exposition of the results from the Barangay PSAs and answered by MPDO Engr. Lara’s own concrete exposition of the Municipality’s prioritized projects funded by DPWH, DOH, BUB and other NGAs. In this manner, the delegates gained a clearer picture of the general situation in which they will play an important role as Kalahi community volunteers. The afternoon session focused on the Development of Criteria for the selection/prioritization of projects during the Municipal Inter-Barangay Forum. Processes, Procedures and Rules of Decorum for the MIBF Participatory Resource Allocation was also discussed. Capping the event was the topic on Technical Assistance Fund and the appointment of a lead Barangay. Lastly a checklist for sub-project attachments was presented. In lieu of ABC president Bentazal, barangay chaiman Elmer Licaros aptly gave the closing remarks.

Another step has just been hurdled by all delegates and there will be more in the offing. This brings to mind the Mayor’s exhortation in the opening salvo of the event: patience, study and perseverance. Kalahi CIDSS – Dalaguete will be moving on. 

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