Shark meatYesterday, June 29, 2015, it was posted on a social networking site that allegedly juvenile sharks were being sold at the Dalaguete Public Market. As this came into knowing, Mayor Ronnie Cesante ordered to verify the issue and conducted further investigation.

It was found that since last Sunday, June 28, 2015, these juvenile sharks were being sold. The Dalaguete Police apprehended two stall owners and confiscates the remaining sharks’ meat. A case will be filed to these vendors by selling rare species and in violation to the Cebu Provincial Ordinance Resolution No. 691-2012.

Also, according to the vendors, these sharks were caught outside of Dalaguete and were being traded in the wet market.

Further investigations will be conducted by the police in order to trace and apprehend the supplier of the shark meat and appropriate charges will be filed upon them.

The local government of Dalaguete is thankful to the vigilance shown by our citizens taking active part in the protection of our environment and upholding our laws.

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