HealthDay2015The biggest gathering of pregnant women and some families in the municipality this year took place last Friday morning (May 15, 2015) at the Dalaguete Sports Complex as the municipal health office, in conjunction with the Local Government Unit of Dalaguete and Engender Health organization, celebrates World Health Day through Family Health Fair 2015 with the theme, “Pamilya Paga-ampingan, Pagmabdos Pagplanuhan.”

The event, spearheaded by the local health unit and attended by one hundred sixty pregnant women and families, aspires to enhance awareness and knowledge on safe family planning choices, important preparations for both mother and baby during labor and delivery, and significance of a PhilHealth membership which offers a variety of comprehensive health care services including prenatal, labor and delivery packages. The participants were also briefed with an introduction to the Safe Motherhood and Child Survival Program ordinance that is to be implemented in the municipality tentatively this year.

An important highlight of Family Health Fair 2015 was the conduction of a program for participants which emphasized on USAPAN sessions done in groups of fifteen with the rural health midwives, Nurse Development Project (NDP) and Health facility Enhancement Program (HFEP) nurses of the Department of Health. Assessment of the participants’ learning was accomplished through interactive games prepared by the host of the event. Special prizes were also given to: three (3) Early Birds of the Fair, one (1) Blooming Buntis, one (1) Lovely Couple, one (1) Lovely Family, and the Most Prepared Preggy of the Fair.

Madelene Ocampo, Development Management Officer (DMO) IV of Dalaguete, enthusiastically welcomed the participants in her opening address. Dr. Corazon Dotillos and Dr. Mabel Huete, municipal health officers of Borbon, Cebu and Poro, Camotes respectively, were warmly acknowledged while observing the activities at the fair. Dr. Jose Edgar V. Alonso, municipal health officer of Dalaguete, delivered his closing remarks with a concise reminder on the importance of a safe delivery process for the pregnant woman.

Other highlights of the event include contraceptive Implanon NXT insertion to eight (8) women at the Dalaguete Health Management Complex performed by Dr. Shelbay M. Blanco, Municipal Health Officer of Boljoon, Cebu who was cordially invited to take part at the event by Diane Laborte and Luisa June Gambe, representatives from Engender Health. Bilateral Tubal Ligation (BTL) procedures were also performed at Isidro C. Kintanar Memorial Hospital (ICKMH) at Argao, Cebu two days prior to the fair and successfully catered twelve (12) female Dalaguetnons.

The health team is ecstatic with the success of Family Health Fair 2015 and looks forward to conducting more activities that promote health awareness, involvement and empowerment to the local community.

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