First Ever LGU to Partner with PCIC

PCIC LaunchingAgriculture being the primary source of livelihood of Dalaguetenons, the Municipal Government thrives to make sure that in times of adversities farmers’ lifeblood, that is, not only the land he farms and its resources but most especially the future of his family, will have security. Looking further into this, in an effort to insure more farmers for them to avail of comprehensive support should be needed, the Municipal Goverment of Dalaguete through a Sangguniang Bayan Resolution authorized Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante to enter into an agreement with the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC).

On February 5, 2015, PCIC President Atty. Jovy Bernabe and Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante inked MOA at the DakongBato Beach and Leisure Resort. The activity was attended by Vice Mayor Jeffrey Belciña; SB Members John Moran and Mario Montenegro; MANRO Head Engr. Expedizitas S. Lenares; PCIC Senior Vice-President Norman R. Cajucom, Vice President-Corporate Business Affairs Group (CBAG) Antonio S. Uy II, ARPVD Manager Renato R. Viado, Corporate Secretary Atty. Roland Tulay members of the PCIC Board of Directors – Dioscoro A. Granada, Juan V. Borra, Alex D. Suarez & Epifanio A. Maniebo and Crescencio V. Deligero, Jr., PCIC RO7 Regional Manager.

Atty Jovy Bernabe in behalf of the PCIC Board of Directors expressed his gratitude to the LGU of Dalaguete for this opportunity as this is a milestone for them since Dalaguete is the first ever LGU to sign MOA with them. He is hopeful that the partnership will succeed as he believes the Mayor is supportive of this advocacy. They, on their end, promised to properly implement what has been agreed upon. With Mayor’s support, they are looking into tripling the number of insured farmers and fishermen to benefit this free insurance funded by the government like Bangko Sentral and Department of Budget and Management.

This activity goes to show how driven the municipality is to give its farmers and fishermen utmost support by means of establishing strong relationship with PCIC and giving them ease of access in terms of insurance application and claims process as Dalaguete agreed to provide an extension office for PCIC manned by an LGU personnel and looked in on from time to time by a PCIC personnel.

Part of the activity was the turnover of indemnity checks worth Php362,256.00 to be given to a total of 75 farmer and fishermen beneficiaries insured under the Registry System for Basic Sector in Agriculture Insurance Program and Cebu Provincial Government-Agri Fishery Insurance for the damage and loss of their corn crops and fishing boats severely damaged by Typhoons Queenie and Senyang last November 27 and December 30, 2014 respectively.

PCIC Extension Office Launched

Endeavoring to bring government agencies accessible to Dalaguetnons and as part of the MOA signed by PCIC and LGU of Dalaguete last February 5, 2015, the PCIC extension office was established at the Municipal Agriculture and Natural Resources Office (MANRO) and launched last April 23, 2015.

The activity was attended by the Municipal Government headed by Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante, Vice Mayor Jeffrey Belcina, SB Members – John Moran, Mario Montenegro, William Lagahid, MANRO Head Engr. Expedizitas S. Lenares, PCIC headed by the Vice President for Corporate Business Affairs Group (CBAG) Mr. Antonio S. Uy II with 3 of his staff, Region 7 Manager Crescencio V. Deligero Jr., and Insurance Adjuster and Underwriter Ms. Paulita Secuya. Captains of the thirty-three (33) barangays of Dalaguete as well as farmer and fishermen beneficiaries were present.

Engr. Expedizitas S. Lenares, MANRO Head, on the rationale of the launching of the PCIC extension office divided her presentation in two. First she gave an overview of the DALAKIT (Developing Agriculture and Livelihood through Attitude, Knowledge and Institutional Transformation) Program which serves as the guide for MANRO to carry out their task as the implementing arm in Agriculture. Second, in relation to the structure of the Dalakit Program, the vital role of PCIC was presented and how the partnership came to be.

In his message, Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante conveyed the objective of the government that is to be able to increase the living income of farmers and fishermen and give sustainable jobs to those employed. He recalled that in his on-the-job training at PCIC after he graduated in college, he understood why the government established a company, such as PCIC, which provides assistance to farmers and fishermen in cases of tragedies and calamities. He would like to make sure that they will not be left unprotected from factors beyond control.

For Dalaguete, a total of 11,910 farmers and fishermen were registered under the Registry System for Basic Sector in Agriculture (RSBSA). These farmers are insurable under the RSBSA Insurance Program of PCIC of which the Dept. of Budget and Management allocated P1.3 Billion to be used by 75 provinces with 9,588,708 farmers and fishermen including Cebu. Mr. Antonio S. Uy II said that this fund is for the year 2015 only. He encouraged farmers and fishermen to apply for these insurance as these are free for now until funds be used up.

Aside from the RSBSA Insurance Program, those who were not listed need not woe as the Cebu Provincial Government offers Agri-Fishery Insurance Program to those who belong to Farmers/Fishermen Association duly recognized by the LGU and under the supervision of a PCIC accredited agricultural/fishery production technician. One commodity (crop/livestock/motorized & non-motorized) can be availed per farmer household.

To date, based on PCIC records, Dalaguete has a total of 4,399 farmers/fishermen with crops, livestock and fishing boats insured under the RSBSA Insurance Program amounting to Php4, 930,765.12 Premium and 3,009 farmers/fishermen with insured crops/livestock/fishing boats under CPG-Agri-Fishery Insurance Program with Php554,470.13 Premium.

In the afternoon, indemnity checks were distributed to a total of 110 farmers and fishermen amounting to Php524,478.00. These checks were for the loss of corn crops, livestock and fishing boats that were severely damaged by Typhoons Queenie and Senyang. PCIC is still processing claims for High Value Commercial Crops.

Getting insurance, some believe, is like coaxing bad things to happen, thus technicians who were sent out in the field to insure farmers/fishermen have experienced unproductive days as only few came or worse they have been stood up. It might be that farmers/fishermen did not really fully understand what the insurance is all about and how they can benefit from it. Now that they have already seen their fellows receive indemnity checks, somehow they are now open to the idea most especially in these times that nature is most unpredictable.

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