womens monthWomen in uniform, LGU and partner agencies women employees, and barangay women organizations gathered together at the Dalaguete Sports Complex last March 20, 2015 in the annual celebration of Women’s Month, an event being looked forward to as it provides a venue for women to showcase various talents, attend forum and interact with each other.

Women from the barangays of Dalaguete beamed with their organization t-shirts while they huddled in their respective designated areas as they cater to fellow women who roamed around to use the P50 worth value chips provided by the MGD to be spent in purchasing food and other products displayed. These value chips were good as cash to be counted at the end of the program for those with the most value to be hailed as winners for the sales of their goods. Sacsac Women’s Association won first prize, Solong-on and Balud won 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Sales Contest awarded at the end of the event.

A folkdance competition displayed dancing talents as representatives from Barangays Mantalongon, Tabon, Consolacion, Balud, Lumbang, Casay, and Obong graced the stage. Balud bagged the First Prize, Obong and Casay got the 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively while the rest of the participants got consolation prizes.

Celebrating Women’s Key Role

This year’s theme “Juana, and Imong Desisyon Bililhon Alang sa Kaugmaon sa Usag-usa, Ikaw Na!” highlighted women’s key roles in leadership, power and decision making and focused on the awareness of the violence against women and children.

In the program, Mrs. Evelyn Sarmago, MSWDO Head, talked about how women nowadays hold vital roles in the development of our country. That what only men were allowed to do then, women were empowered to do now. There are women who hold high positions now and are doing great work in the offices they uphold. In addition, she spoke on women’s rights quoting Hillary Clinton, “Women's Rights Are Human Rights!” giving conviction that these rights should not be disregarded, neglected, or ignored. These are: 1) Right to a comprehensive health program thru Philhealth 2) Right to livelihood opportunities thru Bottoms Up Budgeting livelihood programs 3) Right to limit the number of children 4) Equal right to work opportunities 5) Right against abuse and violence. Furthermore she encouraged all women to fight for these rights.

Sr. Ma. Nancy Daclan, RVM on women empowerment on spiritual aspect gave biblical steps in decision making. Ten essential steps to be able to come up with the best decision considering situations with faith and guidance from above.

A Forum on RA 9262, “an act defining violence against women and their children, providing for protective measures for victims, prescribing penalties therefore, and for other purposes”, was given by PO3 Maria Faye G. Isidro. On a presentation of the poem “I Got Flowers Today”, different faces of violence committed against women were shown. Message of the poem was, “If only I had gathered enough courage and strength to leave him, I would not have gotten flowers today, (as it was “her” funeral since “he” finally killed “her”)”. These all went down to having the choice to have the courage to stop abuse and violence or the choice to keep mum about it and pretend nothing’s wrong fearing the consequences of what might happen should “she” (abused woman) be left alone to care for things that her husband might have well taken care of – money, roof on their heads, food on the table, etc. Worries a woman might be facing thus succumbing to being abused. This is an eye opener for every woman to not let these happen since they are not alone in these battles. There are lots of people who are willing to help and support them should they have the courage to stand up for their rights.

Certainly a woman’s role in the society is as important as a man’s and all are created equal in this world. And thus every right that one has should be fought for so as to remind one of his/her place. It definitely is a jungle out there but with the help and support of one another nothing is impossible, can’t be avoided or stopped.

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