XmasPartyCoverOn a convivial Friday evening of December 19, 2014, the long awaited Christmas Party of the Dalaguete Local Government Unit was held at the 2nd floor of the new Rural Health Center Building. It has been two years since the last, previous postponements were  mostly attributed to the calamities that struck our country. Funds set aside for the parties of those years were utilized to give assistance to calamity-stricken areas. This year, though TD Queenie left us in state of calamity, MGD remains optimistic and hopes for a better year to come.

The celebration started with a mass at the St William of Aquitaine Parish Church attended by Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante, Sangguniang Bayan Members and MGD personnel. After which, the flock headed to the venue where dinner awaited. The program made lively by the Masters of Ceremonies, Ms. Coca Nicohl Osorio of RHU and Mr. Leo Carlo Casinillo of Star Center, highlighted the event. Three hundred or more personnel were divided into eight groups based on their office locations. These groupings made the party orderly from dinner to the presentations and games.

People were jovial. They seemed to really have fun being in such a gathering outside the stress and tense environment of their offices. It brought out the fun sides of themselves, one who never backs out at dares. The "okay go" attitude was displayed. There were videoke, yells, games, dance presentations and raffle draws.

Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante, in his Christmas message, reminded us though not to forget the true reason of the season that is Christ. He mentioned that earlier, personnel in position were able to do something to be able to give gifts to all employees. He wished that however small, these will be received with a thought that these were given from the bottom of their hearts, that the administration was able to give simple compliments to everyone.

He also gave updates as to the achievements of the municipality and thanked the Municipal Engineering Office for being able to walk the talk. He reminisced the time when they started back in 1998, that the employees then could just be counted by the fingers. And now he welcomed all new personnel and said "maskig ulahi welcome to the administration, maski tood ug grabe and gipatrabaho, maski tinood gihangyo tamo ug panahon nga adto unta sa inyong pamilya ato pang kuhaon, kay ang inyo sad nga gibutang sa posisyon mangita sad ug paagi sa atong katawhan nga muasenso..." (However late, welcome to the administration. Even though how hard the tasks given, even though time supposedly spent with your families are being asked, that's all because the person you have put in the position is always finding ways for the people to prosper). He expressed that in his 16 years of service, he's proud that with everyone’s help, effort, time and sacrifices, they are involved in the progress of the municipality.

MGD is trying to make sure that there is financial equality however little. In engaged services there will be across the board increase and for casual and regular employees they are looking into performance based bonus.

Christmas party is among the most looked forward events in a year. It provides a venue for everyone to be able to create camaraderie and enjoy each other’s company. It's an occasion where we get a chance to know the person we are working with and for better. And most especially it’s where we will be able to reach out to everyone and thank them for everything they have put on not just to achieve the goals set but most importantly to be involved however little in the ongoing progress of our community.

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