QueeniePHFor the first time in recent history, Dalaguete was soaked in waist deep waters in some parts of the municipality as Tropical Depression (TD) Queenie traversed from east to west last November 27, 2014.

Queenie brought with her light to moderate rains with strong winds starting from around 11:30PM of November 26, 2014 to 12:00 MN of November 27, 2014 which progressed to torrential rains from 5:00AM to 9:00 AM. This along with high water level due to high tide caused river and sea to overflow and flood parts of Barangay Poblacion of which Sitio Suba situated near these bodies of water was badly affected.

At 2:30 AM of November 27, 2014, Brgy. Capt. Ernesto Tangpos Jr. coordinated with DRRMO to transport evacuees from Sitio Suba. Patients from Rural Health Center were evacuated as well. Dumptrucks, ambulance, barangay and municipal vehicles were dispatched to pick them up and transport them to the Municipal Hall where they were given food packs (breakfast and lunch) prepared by MSWDO.

By 8:00 AM, these evacuees were transferred to the Dalaguete Sports Complex where they stayed until it was deemed safe for them to return to their homes.

Other areas that were flooded as well were Sitios Solong-on and Cambangyao, of Brgy. Poblacion, Barangays Tapon, Cawayan, and Casay.

Landslide along the National Highway of Barangay Obong at around 5:30AM to 6:00 AM caused the area impassable for vehicles as the highway has some boulders blocking the area. Boulders from the Obong-to-Tubod concrete road almost buried houses along its path and covered the highway. Immediate assistance was provided by the Philippine Mining Service Corp. (Alcoy, Cebu) as they were immediately contacted since they were near the area.

Other landslide incidents in Barangays Sacsac and Coro were also reported. Municipal owned Road Grader was dispatched for emergency clearing to Brgy. Coro so the highway would be passable by vehicles.


Around 4:30 PM of November 26, 2014, meeting conducted by Mayor Cesante with DDRRMC personnel on the necessary preparations for the then incoming TD Queenie. The command center was established being the Municipal Agriculture and Natural Resources Office (MANRO). Personnel for emergency response team were assigned and all barangays were alerted. All municipal vehicles were put on standby at the Motor pool for emergency use.

By 6:00 PM, Memorandum Order Number 034. Series 2014 was issued declaring suspension of November 27, 2014 classes in all levels as a precautionary measure and to make necessary preparations should and if ever their school buildings be utilized as evacuation centers by affected barangays.

DDRRM Officer Mr. Junry Tenefrancia constantly monitored status and track the path trudge upon by Queenie. Mountain areas were in constant communication through “Mike Base” (Radio Frequency Station). Dalaguete coast and riverside areas were monitored.

Timely monitoring of DDRRMO were as follows:

11:50 PM, November 26, 2014 – Strong gusts of wind started to blow with light to moderate rain.

1:00 AM, November 27, 2014 – DDRRM personnel patrolled the reclamation and food lane area along the seaside of Brgy. Poblacion. Strong waves were heavily crashing on the sea wall and seawater overflowed and flooded these areas.

2:00 AM – Wind and rain have intensified. Water from the sea overflowed and already reached the roads in front of MANRO bldg. at ankle level flowing fast.

2:30 AM – Strong winds and heavy rains continued. Power was already out. Water reached knee level, got inside MANRO bldg. and continued to rise. Sitio Suba evacuees and patients from RHU were evacuated to the Municipal Hall.

5:00 AM – 9:00 AM – Torrential downpour of rain continued. River started to overflow and flooded surrounding areas, Sitios Solong-on and Cambangyao. Vehicles, DRRM personnel and volunteers were dispatched to pick up evacuees form these areas. Surrounding portions of Poblacion/ Tapon bridge going to Brgy. Mantalongon caved in. The bridge was cordoned off to all kinds of vehicles.

Mayor Cesante issued Memorandum Order No. 035 (Work Suspension), suspending all Municipal Government operations due to TD Queenie and authorizing employees under DDRRMC and those with special directives to work and shall be compensated accordingly.

Around 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM – Wind and rain subsided. Clearing operation was started. Initial reports from barangays (injuries, damages in infrastructure) were received.

November 28, 2014, Mayor Cesante called in the Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) for an emergency meeting to assess damages in their respective barangays. Damages on agriculture were consolidated by MANRO personnel headed by Engr. Expedizitas Lenares, household damages by MSWDO and infrastructure damages by MEO.

TD Queenie left Dalaguete in state of calamity with an approximate amount of P21M agricultural damages.

Affected:Dikes/River Control
Poblacion – Tapon area
Seawall/Shore Protection -Poblacion
Ports - Poblacion

Dumalan-Mantalongon-Bulak Road (Landslide)
Babayongan –(Landslide)
Salug (Spillway – Totally destroyed)
Bulak Footbridge Totally Destroyed
Mantalongon-Maloray Section (Landslide)
Manlapay Municipal Road (Caved-in)
Mag-Alambak in-Rate Road (Caved-in)
Obong-Tubod Road – Damaged
Lanao Access Road (reported damaged)

Caleriohan Water System
Upper Obo Water System
Dalaguete Water District

Amonsaw Elementary School
Caleriohan Elementary School
Dalaguete National High School

Individual Houses:
238 – Partially Damaged Houses
49 – Totally Damaged Houses
4 – Slightly Injured Individual

193 – Families Needed Food Assistance

TD Queenie may have left families bereft of their houses, farmers with crops and livestocks destroyed, fishermen with their fishing boats wrecked, residents without water and electricity until now, Filipinos as we are, we can still smile and face tomorrow with hope, a resilient attitude embedded in our culture. Rest assured the Municipal Government of Dalaguete is doing its best to hasten assistance needed to get Dalaguetenons back on their feet again.

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