IMG 9635One can never fully prepare for disaster unless being put in such an actual situation. Nobody wanted to experience such kind of disruption but we cannot foretell earthquakes since we do not have the technology to forecast such catastrophe.

IMG 3038Looking into gearing up our local government unit, elementary as well as high schools, the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DDRMO) headed by Mr. Junry Tenefrancia in close coordination with The Bureau of Fire Protection-Dalaguete (BFP) joined the 4th Quarter Nationwide Earthquake Drill 2014 last November 7, 2014 at 9:00 in the morning.

BFP, DDRMO and Rural Health Unit (RHU) personnel were dispatched in three chosen drill locations – Dalaguete Municipal Hall, Dalaguete National High School, and Dalaguete Central Elementary School. Mr. Almar Villahermosa, Municipal Agriculture and Natural Resources (MANRO) Environment Division Head, headed the traffic control team in the duration of the activity. Detour routes were implemented to assess traffic flow since Guiwanon and Poblacion roads were closed for 30 minutes as the front of the Municipal Hall was designated as an evacuation area.

IMG 3051In the Dalaguete Municipal Hall, when the alarm signifying the earthquake went off, the participants executed “Drop, Cover and Hold”. A minute after the alarm stopped, covering their heads, the participants divided in two separate exits based on their office locations, walked out of the building and went to their designated evacuation areas. A rescue scene was staged to test the efficiency of responders. After Mr. Tenefrancia, being the incident commander of the activity, declared that the building was already safe upon thorough inspection by the Municipal Engineer, the participants went back in to their respective offices.

IMG 3094When asked about Dalaguete’s preparedness to face disaster, Mr. Tenefrancia said that the Dalaguete Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (DDRRMC) headed by Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante and composed of MGD Department Heads and other line offices, of which his office serves as the secretariat and executive arm, have already planned contingencies and are continuing on evaluating their existing plans and planning out better preparedness strategies. They are continuously working on reducing our vulnerability by enhancing our capacity to lessen the adverse impact of hazards and the probability of disaster.

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