wifiIn time with its 300th Annual Fiesta celebration, the Municipality of Dalaguete launches the Dalaguete Gateway Wireless Fidelity Hotspot, (shortly-named Hotspot Dalaguete), on February 9, 2011. The economic growth that the town presently enjoys as a first class municipality brings with it an increasing demand for internet connectivity. Municipal inquiries and local government transactions will soon be processed online via the internet. Of equal importance are the students, businessmen, and similar other professionals, who more than ever, require an affordable, stable, and readily available internet connections. 
The Metamorphosis Project is a municipality-initiated economic enterprise utilizing the PLDT I-Gate technology to cater to the internet needs of its constituents at a subsidized cost, while at the same time addressing its interconnectivity requirements at a minimal price. It provides a diversely routed and congestion-free connectivity to the internet and can effectively handle 250 internet users simultaneously 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The project’s initial internet coverage has a 1-kilometer radius with the municipal hall at the center, (approximately to cover the Tapon to Guiwanon areas, vertically, and the Kiosk to Cambangyao areas, horizontally). Of the 250 available slots for internet use, only about a hundred slots will be needed by the municipality while the remaining slots will be retailed to the public at a minimal maintenance contribution either through monthly subscription or on a short-time, (minimum of 24 hours), basis. 
For the meantime, access to Hotspot Dalaguete is initially available for free. To gain the free trial access, one may connect to any of the following access points, namely, dalaguete301, dalaguete302, dalaguete303, and dalaguete304.  From there, click the FREE TRIAL link then click the LOGIN button. Free access is limited to 2 hours per day per computer.

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