mgd-securityWith a number of optimistic intentions, starting November 10, 2011, the Municipal Government of Dalaguete implements security measure inside the municipal building by designating entrance attendants serving as security personnel.

Only the front entrance is now being accessible as the back door was being closed.  It would now be easy to monitor every individual going in and out of the building.  Things or stuffs are to be submitted to security personnel for inspection and unfamiliar persons will be checked for possible carrying of deadly weapons and explosives.  The entrance personnel can also entertain inquiries.

Municipal employees going out during office hours will be also well-monitored; this to make sure that all employees going outside are having work-related purposes.

The back portion of the building where comfort rooms are situated is one of the favorite places for some students to loiter during school breaks that sometimes were not able to observe cleanliness in the area.

Suggestions for development of the scheme, as now adopted, is welcome to ensure effective public service and transparent accountability.

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