sugbo tvSugbo TV, the official television channel of the Provincial Government of Cebu had conducted a 3-day video shoot last January 6 - 8, 2012, for their feature of the town’s different tourism destinations and heritage sites that will be shown on their future episode at Skycable Channel 14.

At day 1, the group headed by Dalaguete’s Tourism Officer Victor Caruz, had video shoots on most of the structures included in the Top 12 Dalaguete Heritage Sites, as reported to Cebu Province Heritage Commission, starting at the National Historical Landmark - the St. William Church.

In the afternoon, they went to Dalaguete Beach Park of Barangay Casay, a 1.5-hectare public beach which lies adjacent to once world-renowned Argao Beach Club, a resort that covered 4.5 hectares of Dalaguete town and 4.2 hectares of the Municipality of Argao.  They then proceeded to a 7.9-hectare airstrip situated along the National Highway of Casay that was once functional on the glory days of Argao Beach Club that accommodated up to 12-seater planes.

Barangay Obong was their next stop where they featured the cold waters of Obong Spring and its Dalakit tree in which the name Dalaguete originated.  They also featured Obong Watch Tower that is few meters away from the spring.

Day 2 of their video shoots saw them visiting two spots that were not known to tourists and even to Dalaguetnons themselves.  Before going to Dingayop of Barangay Obo, they first have a shoot of the historical Paling-Paling Road.

Their intention in going to Dingayop (Brgy. Obo) was the rarely visited Eagle’s Cave that is few meters away from it.  Inside the cave are unique formations of large stalactites and stalagmites.  There are two stalagmite-filled rock formations lying beside each other that formed like an eagle’s legs.  This seems to be the origin of the name of the cave.

After a lunch, the group went on to another rarely visited area, the Bandera Peak of Barangay Dumalan, which was used by the American Military during the 2nd World War. Oral accounts has it that the summit which towers 825 meters  above sea level, used to house military communication, and triangulation contraptions and a flag pole.

Last Sunday, Day 3 of their scheduled 3-day video shoot, they featured the elementary building of St. Mary’s Academy of Dalaguete, Salvador Museum, Casa Real (Municipal Hall) including Museo sa Dalaguete, Rizal Monument, and Crispin Almagro Ancestral House.

They had taken interviews with the 95-year-old former mayor Conrada Almagro, Ben Liston, and Vice Mayor Jeffrey Belciña.

At around 2 PM, they went back to Dingayop to feature Dingayop Waterfalls of around 30 feet of elevation and Dingayop Spring, the source of potable waters of the town’s lower barangays and some adjacent barangays of Barangay Obo.

After the shoot at Dingayop, they ascended to their final shoot - Merkado’s Peak of Sampig, Mantalongon, a peak which lies near to Osmeña Peak and a few meters lower than it.

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