suroy2xsugbo2012Vegetables, Banana Meat, and Music were just among the town’s prides that were shown to guests of the three-day Suroy-Suroy Sugbo Southern Heritage Trail, participated by more than 200 guests, yesterday in their stint at the town.

Government officials, headed by Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante and hundreds of Dalaguetnons, welcomed and entertained the guests and Suroy-Suroy Sugbo proponent Gov. Gwen Garcia and party at the Dalaguete Foodlane.  Before arriving at the foodlane, some municipal employees served as tourist guides as they accompanied the guests aboard the five buses all the way from the Dalaguete-Argao boundary to the town proper to give some useful information about Dalaguete.

Even though guests had only about an hour to see what Dalaguete can offer to them, it could be enough for them to bear in their minds to come back and stay longer as tourists.

Variety of vegetables placed in a carabao-driven cart were highlighted at the center of the venue to inform the guests, who mostly are from the Philippine Visayan Society of Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), that the town is the “Vegetable Basket of Cebu”.  Other guests came from Oklahoma, California, Canada, Korea, Australia, and Europe.

At snack time, the guests had their taste of the most sought-after delicacy of that day.  Most of them had their first time to see and taste an endemic variety of banana fruit, a type of banana that can only be seen and raised in Dalaguete – the Banana Meat.  Other delicacies such as bibingka, podrida, budbud, malagkit, and torta were also served.  Bottled Vegetable Pickles were also available for sale for guests to take out.

As they had their snacks, they were serenaded by one of Dalaguete’s top musicians, Charlie Bacala and his Symphonic Band, who performed Dalaguete’s pride, “Lagkaw”, the immortal song composed by a Dalaguetnon, Eriberto “Berting Buta” Montenegro.

At around 6:30 PM, the guests departed Dalaguete toward Alcoy town.  With them is a possible schedule of longer visit to Cebu’s Vegetable Basket and Summer Capital.

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