feb8-jovit-aAn aftershock, shortly after the show started, threatened some people inside the venue but didn’t prompt them to let pass a very rare opportunity to welcome and witness a live concert of PGT champ and pinoy rock prince Jovit Baldivino last night, February 7, 2012, at the Dalaguete Sports and Cultural Complex, sponsored by the Municipal Government of Dalaguete.

Jovit Baldivino, a half-blooded Dalaguetnon, was given a very warm welcome right from his arrival late afternoon up to his concert proper.  Some vehicles awaited him and his entourage, which included former PDA star dreamer Liezel Garcia, at the Barangay Casay for a motorcade en route to the municipal hall for a courtesy call with Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante.  Dalaguetnons lined up along the National Highway only to take a look at the son of a Barangay Caliongan-native.  A few minutes of heavy traffic was experienced at some portions of the National Highway of Barangay Poblacion as few hundreds of Dalaguetnons compressed along the motorcade’s route.

Mayor Cesante expressed gratitude to Jovit Baldivino for accepting the town’s invitation of performing a concert.  Jovit’s father, Hilarion Baldivino, who is more known with his nickname “Ion” here in Dalaguete, accompanied his son.

Affordable tickets of the concert were sold out and there were still a lot of people who were unable to get inside the venue.  However, those who were outside were not disappointed for they could still monitor what was happening inside with the big screen that was being set up courtesy by International Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

feb8-jovit-cThe small-but-terrible Jovit was introduced by Liezel Garcia after the latter’s own showing of singing prowess.  Jovit performed a total of seven songs, two of which were performed together with Phoenix Band.  Jovit first sang one of Bon Jovi’s hits, “You Give Love a Bad Name” followed by an OPM love song “Kailangan Kita” which he dedicated to those who were in-love.  The first PGT champ also performed two of his songs used on ABS-CBN’s hit soap operas, “Mula sa Puso” and “Ika’y Mahal Pa Rin” of “Angelito”.

The show would be incomplete if Jovit never performed the song that brought him to fame even before prevailing as the grand champion of PGT season 1, the song that amazed thousands of PGT and Youtube viewers – “Faithfully”.  Jovit performed the song with special participations of two young and lovely Dalaguetnon ladies that added more fun on the show.

feb8-jovit-bJovit performed his supposedly last song, “It’s My Life”, another Bon Jovi hit.  However, with the sold-out crowd’s plea of one more song, Jovit made his final performance – a song that made him won the grand prize of PGT Season 1, “Too Much Love Will Kill You”.

Jovit thanked the Dalaguetnons for the continuous support since his quest in PGT Season 1.  He repeatedly and proudly stated his father’s root and even shared some few Cebuano dialects he had learned.  He greeted his cousins, especially the Baldivinos, who were present in the venue.  Jovit missed Dalaguete and Caliongan as it’s been almost two years since he last visited the town.  Jovit, with his father, planned of visiting Caliongan after the show, and at this moment, they could have been already at the place to meet Jovit’s relatives.


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