mar23A digging inside a cave at Barangay Lanao, Dalaguete had been discovered by authorities yesterday, March 22, 2012

The digging was believed to be done by treasure hunters searching for one of the infamous Yamashita treasures which are alleged to be buried in caves, tunnels, and underground complexes in hundreds of sites over the country.

Unverified reports of sighting of armed men in the site these past weeks for almost a month prompted concerned residents to report to a municipal councilor who is residing in the same barangay who also reported the said treasure hunting to Mayor Cesante.

mar23-bA coordinated action with the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, Municipal Agriculture and Natural Resources Office - Environment Division, and Local PNP, was done upon instruction from Municipal Mayor Cesante.

When the team visited the site yesterday, the alleged treasure hunters were no longer in the place.  They had confirmed the digging and documented the area which was found to have traces of treasure hunting activity.

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