2013ABC01December 9, 2013. Hon. Eriberto C. Bentazal, Barangay Captain of Pañas remains the president of the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) of the Municipality of Dalaguete as he got the upper hand of votes, 19 – 14, against opposing Brgy. Capt.  Michael R. Llorando of Salug during the association’s regular elections held at the Municipal Session Hall.

 Elected with him were the following:

 Vice-President        Elmer B. Licaros (Sacsac) 
 Auditor     Juanito D. Ybañez (Dumalan)
 Board of Directors

  Bonifacio F. Tangpos (Maloray)

  Hilarion S. Belciña (Mantalongon)

  Ma. Delia M. Castaños (Balud)

  Roldan F. Besin (Banhigan)

  Guillerma G. Cariquitan (Ablayan)

  Elias B. Jabagat (Caleriohan)

The Election Committee was chaired by Brgy. Capt. Joseph B. Belamia of Casay, together with Brgy. Capt. Daniel A. Monceda and Brgy. Capt. Simeon G. Barrit Sr., of Mananggal and Consolacion, as members respectively. The said election was managed by the Board of Canvassers composed of Brgy. Capt. Heracleo L. Catalan of Dugyan as chairman, and Brgy. Capt. Benjamin G. Villacorta, Brgy. Capt. Riza G. Amandoron, of Babayongan and Nalhub, as members accordingly. In addition, the election processes was supervised by the Board of Election Supervisor, as Ms. Susan E. Tolentino of DILG – Dalaguete as chairman, being assisted by Ms. Genoveva K. Sevilla of COMELEC – Dalaguete, also from various NGOs, Mr. Beltran Aragon, Mr. Roger Herrera, and Mr. William E. Salvador as members of the board.

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