motor1HONDA MC
Model: CFT125 MA
Engine #: XRM 16E185676
Chasis #: XRM 16185663
Color: Blue

                The Municipality of Dalaguete with its love for service and its constant endeavor to deliver a qualitative and fast service to the people of Dalaguete, through the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office had acquired a Motorcycle Service Vehicle last August 28, 2012 which is exclusively assigned for the MSWDO field works and activities:motor2

  1. 1.Conduct meetings to SILAW beneficiaries for the 33 Barangays.
  2. 2.Monitoring and evaluation of supplemented Feeding Program in 33 Barangays.
  3. 3.Day Care services monitoring.
  4. 4.Conduct meetings to Out of School Youth’s Association.
  5. 5.Conduct meetings to Women’s Association.
  6. 6.Senior Citizens assessment and validation for Social Pension on 33 Barangays.
  7. 7.Fast dissemination of communication letters and other emergency letters to DCWs,CDWs, and Clientele
  8. 8.Serve errand for of MSWDO related concerns in need of canvassing within the Municipality of Dalaguete.
  9. 9.Other MSWDO client’s concerns in need of home visitation and validation.

The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office is grateful to the support extended by the Municipal Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante in granting request by way of purchasing of Motorcycle Service vehicle.motor2

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