bustamanteThe Municipal Government of Dalaguete expressed its congratulations to another batch of municipal college scholars who had proven their worth as recipients of the Municipal Scholarship Program upon successfully completing their respective years of college studies, two of whom are honor graduates.

amarilaFlorencio S. Bustamante, Jr. of Barangay Jolomaynon was awarded Magna Cum Laude last March 24, 2012 in his Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics degree at the University of San Carlos. On the other hand, Cristine M. Amarila of Barangay Tabon graduated as Cum Laude during UV Dalaguete’s 2nd Commencement Exercises last March 31, 2012 with a degree in BS in Business Administration (BSBA).

pagulaTwo other scholars, Letecia Q. Sanchez of Barangay Dumalan and Leizyl P. Pagula of Barangay Casay, both graduated last March 20, 2012 at UV Main with the former holding a degree in BSBA and the latter having a BS in Accountancy (BSA) degree.

sanchezFrom the start and as of March 2012, the Municipal Scholarship Program had produced a total of 23 college scholar graduates, four of whom graduated as Magna Cum Laude and eight of whom graduated as Cum Laude.

With these positive developments, MGD is more eager to continue what was started 15 years ago to be able to keep on giving opportunities to the intelligent but deprived students of Dalaguete.  Last March 23, 2012, qualifying scholarship examinations for both college and high school levels were given for this incoming academic school year 2012-2013.






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