als graduation74-year-old Nicolasa Villasencio of Minglanilla led 119 successful examiners from elementary and 224 from secondary level coming from different districts of the southeast area of DepEd Cebu Province Division who marched Friday morning, June 22, 2012, during the 7th ALS (Alternative Learning System) A&E (Accreditation & Equivalency) Graduation Ceremony at the Dalaguete Sports and Cultural Complex.

The graduates were part of around 1,550 Out-of-School-Youth (OSY) and adults from southern Cebu municipalities that took their final examination last November 13, 2011 held at Dalaguete National High School and Dalaguete Central Elementary School after having attended classes of around 200 hours in the span of 10 months.

Dalaguete District I Supervisor Mrs. Cecilia C. Cartilla delivered the welcome message followed with the presentation of the then candidates of graduation by Mrs. Sheila P. Gamboa, Dalaguete I District ALS Coordinator, and were confirmed by Mrs. Glenna C. Plarisan, an authorized representative of Dr. Arden D. Monisit, Schools Division Superintendent.

Mrs. Plarisan then led the distribution of diplomas, assisted by Dalaguete Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante; Dr. Corazon C. Pumar, ALS Division Coordinator; and Mr. Benjamin H. Liston, Consultant to Education of the Municipal Government of Dalaguete.

Testimonies on ALS from three selected old graduates were then heard headed by the oldest, Mrs. Villasencio.  Another “senior citizen”, a graduate from Alcoy, also gave testimony on the said learning system.

Aside from having the oldest graduate, Minglanilla also had a graduate who was disabled and another one who was a special child.  These kinds of graduates just gave inspirations to those other individuals who, despite of their age, disabilities, and incapacities, are still willing to acquire an elementary or high school diploma.

On the other hand, the 2012 ALS A&E Test will again be held in Dalaguete, after hosting the examination since 2008.  Registration period shall be from June 12 to July 31 at Dalaguete Elementary School, Dalaguete, Cebu through Mrs. Sheila Gamboa.

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