pic1Barangay SacSac celebrated it’s inaugural Sports Day this past Saturday.  The function, sponsored by the SacSac Elementary School Alumni Association was attended by the Barangay Captain, Honorable Elmer Licaros,  the SK Youth Chairman Darly Belandres, the teachers and students of SacSacElementary Schooland more than 150 parents and friends.  Beginning with a parade the day’s events included speeches by both Honorable Licaros and SK Youth Chairman, Daryl Belandres culminating in games by the students.

The SacSac Youth Sports Association is focused on providing the SacSac Youth an opportunity to participate in team activities in a structured league.  More than 100 students in grades Four, Five and Six will play an eight week schedule of games.  The girls will play volleyball and the boys basketball.
In his speech, Honorable Licaros stressed the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie as the most important aspects of the program.  Honorable Licaros stated “the goal is to provide our youth with a structured program that will help them understand the importance of teamwork and community.” 
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