Analyn Tangpos - CPA

It is quite rare to see both inner and outer beauty all in one person.

Nineteen years ago, the warm rural breeze did not see the beautiful flower blooming in a sheltered seed that was Analyn. Her mother, Francisca, from far away Nueva Ecija was enthralled by her father’s charm; she was whisked by Agustin, and the Tangpos clan in Babayongan grew three broods more. Analyn was the youngest and showed early in life that she is intelligent. Her mother often observed her tinkering on things to the obvious delight of her father who found not much time for the growing young girl because he always busied himself in the farm.

She may have grown a pampered princess but Analyn could not forget how she and her classmates were made to kneel down in grade school because they were not able to answer their teacher. This incident she could not forget which motivated her to study harder. And she did deliver…big time! She graduated second best in her elementary education after she learned real life lessons from her Grade 2 and Grade 5 teachers. At 8, she remembered her teacher to be “good,” like her mother. But it was when she was 11 that she learned not to give up on life’s problems. Her Grade 5 teacher taught her perseverance – to analyze Math problems very well and continue solving for the answer.

These enduring life lessons armed her well for high school. Analyn never walked to Mantalongon to study, but this little comfort cannot compensate how much she sacrificed for small luxuries that come bidding a young lady’s life. All she had was her diary. She loved to write and she wrote about her pains, her joys… her dreams. One entry had Analyn appreciating her Math teachers and now she only has to smile remembering how both have helped her succeed today. In high school she graduated 2nd honorable mention. She liked information technology, but her mother swayed her to accountancy. Her long romance with numbers and her fervent desire to analyze and not give up earned her Magna Cum Laude in the University of the Visayas. A part of her success she owed much to the Municipal Scholarship Program. In 2009, she again played fiddle by landing second in a field of 23 scholarship hopefuls.

AnalynTangposWhen in college she had a teacher who inspired professionalism in her and won her respect. The way her professor talked and conducted herself with utmost grace taught Analyn not to rest on what she already has accomplished. “What matters most is character, not intelligence. One has to keep on learning to be better to do one’s best.” This she believes until today even when in first year in college she had to fumble her way. Her mother has to leave them to make ends meet, but her absence only fired the zeal in Analyn to study more. When in third year, Francisca got hold of her daughter’s diary and learned how much Analyn missed her. The loving mother stayed home to be with her daughter.

“Thank you. If not for the scholarship program, baka nagworking student ‘gyud ko para makaeskwela sa college. Gusto ko makatabang sa akong mga ginikanan ug mga igsuon…ug sa uban ‘pod agi’g pasalamat sa scholarship grant nga akong nadawat.”

It is quite rare to see both inner and outer beauty all in one person…not until Analyn.



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