spes01DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) in cooperation with the Municipal PESO offices implemented the program SPES, giving the student applicants a chance to work for the government as well as to the public. This program helps our youth develop the spirit of service within them and enhance individual capacities in dealing with different types of people. The activity also serves as the youth’s awareness on how the government works.

To avail of the program, interested student applicants must qualify the following; he must be at least 15 years of age but not more than 25, currently enrolled in the school/term or enrolled during the school/term immediately preceding summer vacation. The combined net income tax of parents must not exceed P 80, 000.00 per annum. Lastly, he/she must have an average passing grade during the school/ term, any student dependent or drop-out dependent of workers who are displaced or about to be displaced due to business or work-stoppages arising from economic or non-economic reasons can also avail provided that he/she is also qualified with the conditions mentioned earlier.

Along with these he/she must pass following requirements before the PESO office. He/she must have a copy of the original birth or baptismal certificate. In the absence of the two, he/she can have the original certificate of the school registration or matriculation of college students or Form 138 for high school applicants. He/she must also submit the school registrar’s certification as to his/her last enrollment and the passing average grade. Lastly, the student applicant should pass the latest income Tax Return of his/her parents or the certification of the Barangay Chairman in the locality where his/her parents reside as to economic status of the family.

Particularly, in the Municipal Government of Dalaguete, Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante accepted 100 student applicants coming from the different barangays beyond the required number of the DOLE for the program. These 100 accepted applicants are divided into two groups, Batches 1 and 2. Each batch is composed of 50 members and is distributed to the different departments within the Municipal building and related offices. Last April 3, the first batch of successful summer applicants started their work and responsibilities assigned. The second batch will then start by the time the first batch will end on May 2, 2013. All of them will receive incentives which is 60% coming from the Municipal Government and the remaining 40% will be coming from the DOLE. This motivates everyone to do their jobs well.

Thus, the program started smoothly and expected to end successfully.

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