FIRE UP: Igniting A Passion For Science

Breaking over the cool morning sea, the wakeful sun ever so slowly brushes the sky pink over the plaza of Dalaguete now host to the first ever science camp in the province of Cebu.

 Leading once again in K12 innovations, the Municipality of Dalaguete from May 23 to May 25, 2013 is the arena of field experiments for high school students from the 8 public and private high schools.

Spread over the campus of the Dalaguete National High School, the live-in camp gathers together science teachers, principals, senior high school students together with undergraduate, graduate Physics students as well as Physics professors of the Department of Physics of the University of San Carlos in an heady mix of interaction and learning framed by a mission-type schedule.

The high school students were selected primarily for deep interest and uncommon curiosity for scientific endeavors. Talk career. Talk profession. Talk hobbies. Talk lifetimes. Talk science and innovation.

The camp endows them the perfect opportunity to engage scientists in an informal environment in free flowing conversations to ask them about cool stuff. Imagine high school kids converse with a theoretical physicist, an acoustical physicist, a biomedical physicist and, not to fail to mention, a computational linguist. Imagine the questions.

Today alone, we have ranged the magical world of scientific innovations from patterns of chaotic and complex phenomena to interdisciplinary research in the field of implanted medical transport devices to magnetic and solar storms to Steven Jobs and the story of Apple Inc to underwater sensors for Marine Protected Areas to sewage-eating bacteria to the cosmological origins of the universe to designing a paper lantern that not only can fly but can take pictures.  The conversations flow fluidly as we speak.

Technically, the interactive Physics Science Camp weaves 12 experiments into games, classes, a race, night walks, lectures and videoshows.  The greatest fun–however– transpires between these activities. You see the intense gaze of young high schoolers rivet their eyes unto the flailing hands of the theoretical physicist as he explains as best he could the experimental and creative possibilities for innovation of Brownian motion. You see the focus in the cringed eyebrows over an explanation of why water recharge can be adversely affected by bad distribution of pumped groundwater.

FIRE UP aims to encourage these young eagles to study scientific professions and choose scientific careers if not science-oriented lifestyles. We have a dearth of them. We badly need more who choose to live lives dedicated to innovation for others.

FIRE UP is a hands-on program that opens minds to inquiry and possibilities. It crafts ideas from performative things-to-do and whip them up into something new and exciting. Not without its birthpangs, FIRE UP proves that a mission-type highly interactive way of doing and teaching science is very possible nay crucial to nurturing science careers among students.

Yes… Thanks to the active support of Mayor Cesante who sees in science a faster way to reduce poverty, FIRE UP enjoys the support as well of the DOST Region VII Provincial Office, the DepEd schools of the 2nd District of Cebu Province and the parents of the high-school students themselves who joined the opening ceremonies to show approval and appreciation.

Stick with us for two more days…

We shall be unfolding photos of the excitement.

Be part of the science and the fun-if but-vicariously.

Welcome to Dalaguete… The Science Destination of CEBU…

Welcome to FIRE UP…


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