p01Municipality of Dalaguete  launched its “COMMUNITY RE-INTEGRATION PROGRAM”  with the theme “WE DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE” for Parolees and Probationers yesterday with the aim to  provide ex-offenders a second chance in their re-entry to the society. Some 72 Parolees and Probationers from Argao Municipality down to the Municipality of Samboan, participated the activity under the program of the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) of Dalaguete, in coordination with Community Development Office (COM/DEV), and the Office of the Mayor (OM), under the direct supervision of the Parole and Probation Administration Office of REGION 7.  The 20 of the participants where residents of Dalaguete. 


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Mayor Cesante strongly  supported the program and promised to continue supporting it by formulating schemes to promote the self development of these people, so that through these program, the Municipal Government can  assist them to acquire employable, livelihood, and entrepreneurship skills.

The one day activity started with a prayer lead by a lady probationer from Santader ,  and followed by our community service volunteer Mr. Bill Flannery , who gave inspiration to the ex-offenders on the beauty of life the second time around. A faith –Based speaker in the person of Bro. Roger extended unto them the spiritual encouragement that every individual from time to needed.  Mrs. Evelyn Sarmago of the Municipal Social Service Office explained to them the responsible parenthood and their responsibility to respect the right of their children.

Topics on Employment, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood was explained to the participants  by Ma. Gena Buenconsejo of COM/DEV and Ma. Lizara H. Soloriano  of PESO as their options in carrying on with their lives back into the society where they belong. For a lively ending,  games with monetary prizes were held, to defray a portion of the fare they spent from and to the place where they reside.

With great hope for a brighter renewed tomorrow, the Municipality Of Dalaguete inspired these people to rise up,  be re-united with their families, aim for the best in life, and be the best in every endeavor done for the good of themselves their families and their peers , as they re-enter the world outside “BARS”.

With the active facilitation of PESO, COM/DEV and OM staff: Ms Arlene Amacanin,  Ms. Lajani Pada, Lenmar Villarba, Vergel Ursonal, Ryan Relatado, Randy Cisneros and the Granddaughter of Atty Amazona,  Ms Jakie a volunteer from the US a Political Science ---Job Practising Graduate.  With Kurt Belcina and Tata Rosero the documentors.

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