MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 07-017, s. 2010

            TO                  :  ENGR. EXPEDIZITAS LENARES

                                       MRS. ESTER BARTE

                                       OFFICES CONCERNED

            FROM            : OFFICE OF THE MUNICIPAL MAYOR        

            DATE             : JULY 29, 2010                   



          Per Executive Order No. 07 – 001, s. 2010 and in relation to Memorandum Order No. 07-012, s. 2010, Engr. Ildebrando Almagro is supposed to head the office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, however, he filed a 90 – day Leave of Absence.


          In this regard, and in order not to disrupt the services of the Office of the MPDC the following changes of assignments is made, and shall remain at such, until revoked, viz


   Officials/Employees        Original/Actual Designation                   New Designation


a) Engr. Expedizitas Lenares        MANRO Head                                MPDO HEAD

b) Mrs. Ester Barte            Agriculture/Fisheries Div. Head        MANRO HEAD

c) Mrs. Lolita Gamboa                                                  Agri/Fisheries Div. Head

                                                                                      (in addition to

existing functions)

d) Mr. Almar Villahermosa      Planning Assist./DSWMP            Environment Natural       

                                                                             Resources Division Head

e) Mrs. Madeline Sarona                                                    Head–MANRO                                                                                             Admin/Operation      



This Memorandum Order shall take effect August 02, 2010.

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