Administrative Order No: 05 s. 2010

September 2, 2010




WHEREAS, the Department of Social Welfare and Development through its program, National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR), will be having its Validation and Finalization Phase wherein its proposes the creation of Local Verification Committee (LVC) from the local municipal employees;


WHEREAS, the purpose of the creation of the Local Verification Committee (LCVC) is to verify the data gathered out from the preliminary list of poor households within the community and further identifies if there had been erroneous entry on the same;


WHEREAS, to facilitate the thorough review of the final list of the poor within the locality there is a need to create the Local Verification Committee;


NOW THEREFORE, I Ronald Allan G. Cesante, by the power vested in me by law hereby designate the following as Chairman and Members of the Local Verification Committee of Dalaguete, viz:


          MRS. EVELYN R. SARMAGO        -        Chairperson        (MSWDO)

          ENGR. EXPEDIZITAS LENARES    -        Vice-Chairperson (MPDC)

          HON. ERIBERTO C. BENTAZAL    -        Member              (SB / ABC)

          MR. AUXILIO CISNEROS             -        Member              (MEO)

          MRS. JESUSA ALONSO               -        Member              (MHO)



This order shall take effect immediately.