The Municipality of Dalaguete is a peaceful town. The Dalaguetnons, the residents of Dalaguete, possess a friendly and peaceful spirit. Discipline on the streets and in the communities shall be encouraged with the cooperation of all the productive and responsible sectors of the society. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that town residents can productively work, enjoy the fruits of their labor and contentedly relax at home confident that there is peace, security and prosperity in their locality.

Any Dalaguete resident can visit our existing precincts anytime day and night:

  • Main Headquarters: Municipal Building, Osmena Ave.
  • Police Chief: Police Inspector Dexter B. Basirgo
  • Mantalongon Precinct: Mantalongon Public Market
  • Police-in-Charge: c/o Police on Duty


  • Prevention and control of crimes
  • Investigate all criminal cases within area of responsibility
  • Enforce the laws promulgated by the duly constituted authorities and ordinances enacted by the LGU
  • Arrest of criminals both ordinary and organized groups
  • Conduct internal/security operations as the need arises
  • Conduct dialogue/pulong-pulong so as to enhance the maintenance of peace and order of the locality
  • Conduct security operations on VIP visits and other dignitaries
  • Provide security/assistance detail during special occasions and fiestas
  • Perform other task as directed by higher authorities
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