pasidungogIn this 307th fiesta celebration of Dalaguete and as one with the Archdiocese in preparation for the five hundred years of evangelization in the Philippines, this year’s theme “Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons” has paved way for this celebration named Pasidungog. This celebration is also an invitation for deeper discipleship and communion towards a common journey towards holiness. Over the years, Dalaguete has a good number of religious persons that dedicated themselves to the service of the Lord. They serve as a constant reminder to us Dalaguetnons to love unconditionally, to forgive steadfastly, and to serve selflessly. They are not only the pride of their respective family but also to every Dalaguetnon.

The Fiesta Executive Committee 2018, to celebrate this year’s theme and together with the celebration of the annual fiesta, held the “Pasidungog: A Celebration of Faith and Servitude” last February 8, 2018 at the Dalaguete Sports Complex. Dalaguetnon nuns and priests who have successfully transcended into priesthood and the convent life were the honoured guest. The event served as a tribute to the consecrated persons as a way of giving thanks, showing appreciation and acknowledging their dedication in spreading God’s word and educating people about faith.

The event started with a holy mass at 5:30PM at the San Guillermo de Aquitania Parish, celebrated by Most. Rev. Oscar Jaime Florencio, D.D Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cebu, it was attended by Dalaguetnon nuns and priest who have confirmed their attendance for the event. It was also graced by family members of nuns and priests who are present, as well as family members of those who cannot come because of conflict of their schedule, some who are based abroad because of their assignments and some nuns are not allowed to go out because of their orders. When the mass ended, a private dinner was held at the courtyard of the church where families and honoured guests were given the opportunity to socialize with one another. Familiarizing themselves with fellow Dalaguetnon consecrated personalities whom they have met for the first time or those whom they have not seen for a long time. Everyone was elated. The catching-up moment brought so much laughter especially within family members of the consecrated people. God truly favored the event for He has given us a fair weather on that night.

After the dinner, honoured guest and their respective families proceeded to the sports complex for the prepared program and a little entertainment show. The program started at around 8:30PM, students from Meadow of Growth opened the program through a doxology. Rev. Fr. Aloysious Alojipan and Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante, both gave their respective messages to welcome the honoured guests, their families and guests who have come to witness the event.

The Cebu Clergy Performing Arts graced the event by entertaining all present guests as well as spectators. They performed a variety of songs in different genre to satisfy the audience’s delight as well as to make the night livelier. Chosen local talents have also graced the event, performing a few songs for everyone. As one of the main purpose of the event, recognizing the profound dedication of Dalaguetnon consecrated persons in their chosen field, awarding ceremony proceeded to present to the Dalaguetnon nuns and priest and to their family members their respective plaque of appreciation. Every family had the chance to be on stage, to be on the limelight. We owe it all to them for being able to raise a child fully dedicated to service.

The event ended with a video compilation of all Dalaguetnon nuns and priests wishing every Dalaguetnons a merry and joyous fiesta and to remind everyone the true meaning of such celebration. The event ended successfully together with cooperation of the Fiesta Executive Committee 2018 and the participating local government offices that made everything possible for that night.

mgd niteThe festivity has officially started last January 31, 2018. Dalaguetnons welcomed the celebration of the 307th Town Fiesta Celebration in honor of their patron saint, St. William De Aquitania. Year after year, the loud ringing of the bells in the belfry at 12noon signifies the beginning of the 9 days novena entertainment and preparation. At 4pm in the afternoon, multitudes of teachers with their students gathered for the symbolic parade and motorcade with the image of San Guillermo De Aquitania. This parade was leaded by the local government unit of Dalaguete. The parade went all over Poblacion, a symbolic representation of awakening the festive spirits in the locals.

Right after the parade was the mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Jorge Carao of Our Lady of Peace Parish Sucat and Rev. Fr. Pantaleon Amaya Jr. of the Sacred Heart Parish, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia which are both homegrown Dalaguetnon priests. The pilgrims and offerers were leaded by the Dalaguete Municipal Employees and Officials of the Dalaguete Philippine National Police Commission.

The local government unit of Dalaguete brought Wacky Kiray of I Can See Your Voice and Klarisse De Guzman of Pinoy Dream Academy all from the ABS-CBN network. The show started at 9:30 on the dot. Both made the crowd elated. Klarisse De Guzman brought the crowd wanting for more through her singing prowess. The crowd couldn’t believe that she too can bring laughter by just simply belting out her soulful voice together with her wacky side prompting the audience to join her in singing. She was on the go too when audience try to take selfies with her, hugging her out of nowhere and by just simply staring at her. She has this beautiful demeanor of a singer who is out there, enjoying the show.

Added much raucous too was the Wacky Kiray who left the crowd locked-jaw literally! The crowd can’t seem to get off wearing their happy faces when Wacky Kiray took the center stage. He was not just the typical comedian who wanted to make the crowd laugh. He is more to that. In a dinner interview with him, he said that all he ever wanted was to make the audience laugh and be at their best, to enjoy the moment while it last. Apparently, he did a good job. The audience was in total uproar when he sang his heart out too, bolstering audience participation much to the delight of the crowd. In a post-interview at the back stage, he said, he was supposed to be only doing his act for approximately one hour, he didn’t notice the time because he had so much fun on the stage. He totally consume two and a half hours on stage. He thanked everyone for being so participative and jamming all throughout the event. The show ended exactly at 12 midnight bringing huge grins to everyone. This just proves that the show was indeed a five out of five rating!

More than one hundred fifty pregnant and lactating mothers from all over the municipality joined the moving up ceremony and grand launching of Phase II for the Early Childhood Care and Development for 1000 Days (ECCD F1K) program held at the second floor of the Dalaguete Health Management Complex (DHMC) in the morning of February 3, 2018.

buntis runThe event was highlighted with a 1-kilometer walkathon around the town proper and was participated by mothers and health personnel alike to punctuate the theme, “Unang Lakang Para sa Himsug nga Kabataan”, which is geared to amplify the knowledge and awareness of mothers regarding child-rearing and development especially on aspects of nutrition and child care. The event was spiced up even more with five blooming and beautiful pregnant candidates who all enthusiastically vie for the title of “Bb. Buntis of Dalaguete 2018”, the segment hinting subtle reminders to mothers on self-worth and beauty within pregnancy.All lactating mothers were also highlighted through the commencement of a mass breastfeeding activity during the last arch of the event.

Guest speakers namely Hon. Estanisla Almagro, Municipal Committee on Health, and Retz Pol Pacalioga, regional nutritionist from the National Nutrition Council provided respective nutrition insights for mothers during brief informative sessions at the event. Both verbalized admiration on the enthusiasm of Dalaguetnon mothers to participate in the event even with unfavorable weather conditions hampering the scheduled activities. 

The launching ceremony was concluded highly successful due to the undying supports from the local government of Dalaguete, allied sectors of the government namely the Department of Health, the Provincial Health Office, the National Nutrition Council, and most especially from the team of nurses, midwives and barangay nutrition champions (BNC) comprising the municipal health office headed by active physicians Estanisla Pernita A. Bautista and Keilah G. Sinahon. The health team is hopeful on the continued participation and collaboration from the community to promote and realize a unified aim of accessible and attainable health for each and every Dalaguetnon.

clean up 01The Municipal Government of Dalaguete (MGD) held the Streets Clean-Up Drive last January 27, 2018 in preparation for the 307th fiesta celebration of Dalaguete in honor of its patron saint, St. William de Aquitaine. The activity is initiated yearly just before the opening salvo which is usually scheduled every 31st day of January. This year, MGD coordinated with some government offices and institutions such as the barangay governments in coastal areas, Philippine National Police (PNP)-Dalaguete, the Dalaguete National High School, Cawayan National High School and University of the Visayas (UV)-Dalaguete Campus. The Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries in some barangays as well as the Dalaguete Chamber of Commerce and other people’s organizations (POs) also joined the activity.

clean up 02While the coastal barangays specifically Obong, Balud, Manangal, Coro, Banhigan, Cawayan and Casay did a simultaneous clean-up drive with Poblacion on January 27, Consolacion and Tapon were not able to participate since their officials had already scheduled their clean-up drives at later dates.

Participating groups in coastal areas focused the clean-up of the main highway of their respective barangays while those who joined the activity in Barangay Poblacion not only covered the main highway but also include the inner roads and streets as well.
ComDev Office facilitated the assigning of areas and monitoring the groups with the help of some personnel from other departments. Support personnel from Rural Health Unit (RHU), Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO), Traffic Management Unit and PNP-Dalaguete were likewise there to lend a hand to ensure the safety and security of the participants.

clean up 03Started at 7:00 in the morning, the half-day activity was quite a success with the joint efforts and cooperation of the participating government agencies/offices including barangay government units, schools, the different departments of the municipal government as well as the people’s organizations that work hand-in-hand to provide fiesta goers, pilgrims and visitors with a clean and welcoming environment

coca writeup2018A documented number of sixty seven reformed and empowered civilians from barangays Dugyan, Obong and Tabon have been serviced for random drug testing, substance abuse assessment and HIV testing and counseling today, January 23, 2018 at the second floor of the Dalaguete Health Management Complex. The municipal health office team of doctors and nurses, in coordination with the Department of Health, Cebu Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Office (CPADAO), local government unit as represented by MADAC focal person Joel Aliñabon, barangay councilors and the municipal police officers headed by newly appointed Chief Inspector Rolan Alicer altogether joined forces to successfully implement the initial assessment for reformed surrenderees in preparation for community-based treatment and rehabilitation.

The activity served as a one-stop venue for assessment and provision of brief interventions concerning drug use and dependence, as well as it is highly informative with brief topics of various keypoints for health. Dr. Estanisla Pernita Almagro-Bautista, municipal health officer, provided the overview of the activity while especially stressing the need to assess, measure and intervene on the risk of health concerns accompanying drug dependence. Mr. Jun Salgado, medical technologist from the Provincial Health Office provided pertinent information regarding HIV and AIDS which are two of the most common concurring diseases affecting such individuals. Chief Inspector Rolan Alicer also encouraged the participants to be committed in their journey towards returning to healthy, functional individuals in society.

All participating reformers have willingly submitted themselves for testing and intervention, and are hopeful together with the organizing teams aforementioned above in the implementation of a community-based treatment and rehabilitation strategy, with more pertinent activities such as these which highly benefits the concerned group to effectively discuss the ill effects of drug use and dependence, as well as address issues on stigma, fear of social, economic and legal consequences, and issue treatment compliance using a public health approach.




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