The Municipality of Dalaguete, Cebu is indeed a place of alluring wonders -  breathtaking mountains, charming heritage sites, enchanting beaches, fascinating forests with unique flora and fauna, and spectacular reefs teeming with diverse marine life. These are wondrous places which very few Cebuanos have known or heard. These places emit the serenity of the countryside, the tranquil surroundings amid lush greenery, never before seen by the majority.

Mag-alambak Garden and Environs
Mantalongon - A visit to Mag-alambak will reveal a tropical enclave of serene natural beauty surging along the greenery of Barangays Mantalongon, Dumalan and Obo. Formerly the site of the Southern Cebu Reforestation Development Project (SCRDP), this area is a 48 hectare wonder accessible through the Poblacion-Mantalongon Road. Today, the Dalaguete Municipal Government is commencing on the development of the area into an eco-tourism destination and mountain resort as provided for by the Co-management Memorandum of Agreement undertaken between the Dalaguete LGU and the DENR-Region 7.

It is situated in barangay Mantalongon, the “Little Baguio of Cebu” and the also the “Vegetable Basket of Central Visayas. The Cebu Provincial Board have officially declared Mantalongon as the “Summer Capital of Cebu” through SP Resolution No. 215-2006. This official declaration is one good reason why you should visit one of Cebu’s amazing adventure and leisure spots.

Bandera Trail and Its Legends
Dumalan - Explore this newly discovered trail. The entire family can trek along the inner secrets of the mountains of untold legends and historical sites. The trail starts off at Mag-alambak Garden and the way in is marked by the “Tres Marias”  - the guardians of the forest. “ Legend has it, that three lovely sisters have been betrothed to a mighty giant whose abode encompasses the peaks overlooking the ocean. The sisters refused to marry the giant for fear of slavery. As they tried to flee, the angry giant cast a spell and turned them into three black rocks. Through the passage of time, the rocks which are now lying under the trees, along a grassy slope, though all covered with moss and tiny vegetation and has become a habitat for small insects, still projects the aura of the three sisters. Since then they have been considered by the locals as the guardians of the forest.”

The trail culminates to a peak which, unknown to many, was used by the American Military during the 2nd World War. Oral accounts has it that the summit which towers 825 meters  above sea level, used to house military communication, and triangulation contraptions and a flag pole. Strategic indeed. The summit of Bandera Peak offers an unlimited visual extravaganza making visible cities of Cebu and Tagbilaran, as well as the whole stretch of Bohol Strait, the island of Siquijor and the coastal barangays of Argao and Dalaguete.

Protected by the Dalaguete Bantay Lasang, Bandera Peak is dotted with lush tropical foliage and a variety of ferns, orchids, and shrubs. Experience a “Mt. Everest-like-sensation” from the months of September to January as the peak is most often covered with thick fog. The rest of the months offer an unhampered visibility. Temperature range from 26 to 33 degrees in summer and 20 to 25 degrees in rainy seasons (MANRO 2006).

Lagnason, Extreme Adventure River Trek and Bat Colony
Malones - Embark on a trek to probably one of the hardest obstacle adventure sites in the province. This hidden valley is a haven for biodiversity and endemic flora and fauna. Start off at the Cawayan Sumbria Bridge and experience a river trek that could put you on the list of certified adventurers. Get a treat of huge black boulders , untouched waterfalls, treacherous river banks, impenetrable walls of thorny plants and slippery rocks. Scout for elusive monkeys and fruit bats (kabog) as huge as foxes and observe in close range the characteristics of the  fabled and endangered Cebu Black Shama (siloy) as they belt out their enchanting bird songs.

Lagnason creek is a natural habitat of four species of huge flying foxes roosting together by the hundreds in one colony which is unique and the only one of its kind in the region: Large flying fox, Golden-crowned flying fox, Little Golden-mantled flying fox, Island flying fox. Two of these species are the world’s largest flying foxes (kabog) and this is the only place in Cebu where you can find these species (DBCMC, CBCF 2006).

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