Come and Visit the Summer Capital and Vegetable Basket of Cebu

Dalaguete:  A role model in responsible tourism development and promotion initiatives.
Advance the cultural history and natural heritage identification, preservation and development efforts of the Municipal Government of Dalaguete.  
- Provide accurate and up-to-date tourism-related research data and information
- Extend partnerships and linkages to tourism-oriented institutions

package tourDalaguete is a first class municipality 84 kilometers southeast from Kilometer Zero of the Cebu Provincial Capitol. Hailed as the Vegetable Basket of Cebu and its Official Summer Capital (via Cebu Provincial Board Resolution 215-2006 dated January 23, 2006), the town is well-known for its cooler than the usual highlands where about 60 tons of farm fresh vegetables are harvested and delivered on a daily basis to Cebu City and the neighboring towns and provinces. natural attractions

The town’s array of crowd drawer destinations include, among others, the refreshingly cool Obong Spring (where the dalakit tree, reputedly the very tree where Dalaguete got its name still stands), the Mantalongon mountain ranges (home to the unique Rock Formations and the route of choice leading to the famous Osmeña Peak), and the Dalaguete Beach Park (part of the former Argao Beach Club).

aquatic attractionIndeed, the town is host to some of Cebu’s remaining natural heritage sites – breath-taking mountain ranges with its chilling natural breeze that almost soothes to the bone, enchanting forest patches that are home to some of the world’s most endangered flora and fauna, and coral reefs teeming with diverse marine life.

The Mantalongon highlands are increasingly becoming a favorite hideaway of both university students and young professionals alike most specially on weekends and during vacations either to test their raw strength and courage in scaling the heights or simply to escape the monotony and noise of urban life.

Recently, there is a significant increase in tourist arrivals of foreigners and locals alike, who look forward to a peaceful countryside life either under the sun, sea and sand or up there at a thousand feet above sea level at the very heart of nature.










  (6-8) (9-20) (21-30) (31-40)
Single P 5, 351.58 P 4, 177.77 P 3, 935.91 P 3, 563.19
Twin    5, 101.58    3, 927.77    3, 685.91    3, 313.19
Triple    4, 784.91    3, 611.10    3, 369.24    2, 996.52


  1. Over Night Stay
  2. Aircon Bus
  3. English Speaking DOT Tour Guide
  4. Entrance fees and permits in all destinations
  5. Meals -
    • 1 Breakfast
    • 1 Lunch
    • 1 Dinner
    • 2 Snacks
  6. Welcome reception lei and cultural entertainment
  7. Dalaguete Delicacy Bring Home pack


  0800H Depart for Dalaguete via SRP Coastal road (for guests coming froCebCity)
    (It is a 2-hour coastadrive to Dalaguete)
  1000H Arrived at one of the accomodation establishments of tourists' choise
  • Welcome Drinks - buko juice in a shell
  • Morning snacks served with Dalaguete Delicacies
  • Photo opportunity with the resort
  • Tourists are insured by a big insurance company in Cebu - Group Travel Insurance Policy 
  1045H Visit to the National Historic Landmark - the Saint William Church, Rectory and Plaza
  • See the church's structural design and paintings
  • Photo opportunity in the historical sites and monuments
  1100H Visit to the Municipal Hall and the Museo sa Dalaguete
  • See the ancient artifacts and memorabilia of former local leaders and cultural work of arts of Dalaguete musicians and other items
  1115H Board bus for Obong Cold Spring and Watch Tower
  • A 15-minute leisurely ride on a costal road
  • See the old Dalakit Tree - the origin of the name Dalaguete
  • See the watch tower made in Spanish Time
  • Bask around the heat of the sun in the spring-like bathtub full of ice cubes
  • Barbecue Lunch by the beach of Obong
  1230H  Board bus... Prepare for Adventure to the Natural Landscape of Mantalongon
  • Experience in passing through historical road, the works of former gov't. and church leaders
  • See the reforestation of 48 hectares Mag-alambak Highlands
  • Feel the cold breeze of Summer Capital of Cebu
  • See the Vegetable Basket of Cebu
  • See the unique Rock Formation by 30-minute walk
  • See the view of Osmeña Peak
  • Pick & Pay Anthurium flower and fresh vegetables
  1530H Snack Time - have a taste of Mantalongon delicacies - the camote doughnuts, balls, and munchkins
  1600H Board bus - Leave Mantalongon for overnight stay in one of the accomodation establishments of tourist's choice
  1700H Arrival and relaxation time at the overnight stay area
  1800H Dinner and enjoy music appreciation with the Dalaguete Music Foundation Band
DAY 2    
  0700H Breakfast at the beachside of Dalaguete Beach Park
  • Enjoy Swimming and snorkeling under the heat of the sun
  • Photo oppotunity
  0900H Depart by bus in going back to Cebu City
  • Bringing with them the "Dalaguete Delicacy Bring Home Pack", and 
  • The joy and happiness in Adventuring the "Wonders of Dalaguete"
San Guillermo Church
The earthquake-Baroque-inspired structure took 23 years to build (1802-1825), and is one of the few remaining church fortresses in the country. In 2004, it is declared a National Heritage Landmark by the National Historical  Institute.

Project Description:
Microfilming of century-old church documents (baptismal, marriage, and death records), establishment of the Parish Museum, and complex-wide CCTV installation.
Casa Real (Municipio)
Intended to be a fortress of Spanish authority upon its construction in the 1830s, it became a military quarter of the Japanese Occupation Army during the Second World War. It is the present seat of the Municipal Government and is host to the town’s Museo sa Dalaguete  since 2010.

Project Description:
General structural restoration and landscape beautification, expansion of the Museo sa Dalaguete  area, and complex-wide CCTV installation.
Dalaguete Beach Park
A popular beach resort which forms part of what was popularly known by then as Argao Beach Club.  At a walking distance is the Casay Marine Park and Sanctuary, one of the town’s three marine protected areas, and a favorite diving spot  of foreigners and locals alike.

Project Description:
General structural restoration and landscape beautification.
Mag-alambak Highlands
A tropical enclave of serene natural beauty about a quarter of a kilometer above sea level, the 48-hectare man-made forest  is a bequest of the Southern Cebu Reforestation Development Project

Project Description:
Establishment of the Mag-alambak Outdoor Adventure Park.
Obong Spring
Host to a 400-year old dalakit  (balite) tree to which, according to legend Dalaguete’s name is derived from, the icy cool waters of the spring  aggravated by the tree’s majestic shade, is a sure-hit to both foreigners and locals alike who want to escape the punishing heat of the summer sun.

Project Description:
Establishment of accommodation and swimming facilities, and general landscape beautification.
Mantalongon Highlands
Hailed as the Little Baguio of the South  due to its cool climate even during the summer, Mantalongon and the neighboring barangays are central to Dalaguete’s agricultural commerce, earning for the town the reputation as the Vegetable Basket of Cebu.

Project Description:
Improvement and establishment of additional farm to market roads as well as road linkages connecting the ecotourism sites  to the National Highway.
Osmeña Peak
At 1,042 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in the entire Province of Cebu. At the summit, one has a panoramic view of Badian’s Zaragosa Island in the west, and the island of Bohol in the east, among others.

Project Description:
Establishment of tourism-support facilities.
Rock Formation
Nature’s petrified beauty at its finest, one is reminded of the Middle Earth  of the Lord of the Rings  saga. It is almost always part of the tourists’ itinerary on their way to the Osmeña Peak.

Project Description:
Establishment of half-way base to house a convenience store, a security outpost, and a first aid station, among others.
Bandera Peak
A Japanese Imperial Army stronghold during the Second World War, the place has slowly but steadily become a favorite camping site. With an elevation of 825 meters above sea level, one has an imposing overview of Bohol Province and Northern Cebu, among others.

Project Description:
Establishment of tourism-support facilities.
Lagnason Aviary and Breeding Ground
Reputedly the only place in the region where four species of flying foxes are found living together by the hundreds.  Moreover, it is also home to the Cebu Flowerpecker (Dicaeum quadricolor) and the Black Shama (Copsychus cebuensis), among others.

Project Description:
Establishment of tourism-support facilities and view deck construction.
Santa Cruz de Caridad Hill
Used to be a prayer area of the  Daughters of Charity  nuns residing at the former Villa Caridad  Monastery just at the foot of the hill , a giant cross  overlooking Mantalongon is erected at its summit in 1949 as a Peace Memorial, following the end of the Second World War.

Project Description:
General landscape beautification, establishment of tourism-support facilities, and view deck construction.

Santa Cruz Baywalk Park
Situated just in front of the historic San Guillermo Parish Grounds, the foreshore strip is host to the Poblacion Watchtower, the Foodlane, the Rock Garden and the Santa Cruz Marker (erected in 1921 to commemorate the arrival of Redemptorist missionaries in Dalaguete), to which the proposed park is named after.

Project Description:
General landscape beautification and establishment of tourism-support facilities.

Obo View Deck
Situated  just a few walks away from the historic Palingpaling Road,   the area is adjacent to the Manila Bay  mountain range, where on a clear morning, one has a nice view of the so-called golden-hued Bohol Sunrise . The proposed view deck area is also the jump-off point to the proposed Dingayop Trail.

Project Description:
Establishment of a view deck

Eagle’s Cave and Dingayop Spring Nature Park
Dingayop Spring is the town’s main source of potable water while species of rare insects and animals  are  found inside Eagle’s Cave. Passable via the proposed Obo View Deck and situated just a walking distance from each other, the duo offers an extreme challenge to thrill-seeking mountaineering groups and adventure-loving individuals.  

Project Description:
General landscape beautification, establishment of the Obo View Deck to Dingayop Spring trail, and establishment of a half-way base that will house a convenience store, an accomodation area, and a first aid station.

Cristo Rey de Mantalongon & Life-sized Via Crucis
Located within the property of the prominent Almagro clan and over-looking the Mantalongon Business District,  the life-sized Stations  of the Cross   are interspersed among the  anthorium flower farm and tall trees belonging to the pine family.  A 10-meter high Cristo Rey culminates the trail.

Project Description:
Restoration of monuments and landscape beautification .

Cut-Flowers & Vegetables Pick & Pay Farms
Aside from vegetables, a good number of farmers in the highland barangays are also into the cut-flower industry.  In such occassions as packaged tours,  visitors are given the chance to visit such farms and are allowed to personally pick  some vegetables and/or cut-flowers of their choice for a fee.

Project Description:
The Municipal Government will provide the farmers’ capital expenditure, which they will eventually pay at no interest  rate at all .

Visitors Information Center
Project Description:
An extension workplace of the Municipal Tourism & Investment Promotions  Office to be located within the Mantalongon Business District,  the center will cater to  tourists’ needs of those who come to visit the town’s highlands.
Diving Site Centers
Project Description:
A tourism support facility as well as an economic enterprise,  there will be three such diving site centers, one for each of the town’s marine protected areas. The Municipal Government will construct  the facility and will offer the same for concession to qualified   diving equipments  business entities.

Dalaguete:  A role model in responsible tourism development and promotion initiatives.
Advance the cultural history and natural heritage identification, preservation and development efforts of the Municipal Government of Dalaguete.  
Sustain the Municipality of Dalaguete’s official designation as the Summer Capital of Cebu through the implementation of tourism development plans based on Green Architecture, (wherein economic progress and environmental protection are carefully considered side by side).

The Municipal Government’s general development goal is geared towards sustaining the town’s official designation as the Summer Capital of Cebu through the implementation of tourism development plans based on Green Architecture, (wherein economic progress & environmental protection are carefully considered side by side). To this regard, three major tourism-inclined development clusters are being identified, namely, Cluster 1 (Tapon to Obong Cultural Heritage Cluster), Cluster 2 (Casay to Coro Recreation and Industry Cluster), and Cluster 3 (Mantalongon Highlands Ecotourism Cluster).

Tapon to Obong Heritage Cluster
Host to both Obong Spring & to a good number of  Spanish era heritage sites in town, the identification, preservation, development, and promotion of the cluster’s places of historical and cultural significance are of utmost concern.

Casay to Coro Recreation and Industry Cluster
Development is geared towards reclaiming Dalaguete Beach Park’s. reputation as one of the leading resort and recreation destinations in the South. Furthermore, other beach destinations and accomodation establishments within the cluster are dynamically promoted and introduced.

Mantalongon Highlands Ecotourism Cluster
In consonance to the cluster’s unique position both as an agricultural hub and as being at the very heart  of the town’s Summer Capital of Cebu title, environment-sensitive tourism-inclined development projects are being considered.


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