flower openingDalaguete has once again reasserted its peerless status as the prime tourist hub with the opening of the Mt. Talongon Flower Garden, bringing another much-loved part to the town’s renowned attraction spots. Located at Sitio Alang-alang, Mantalongon, this flower garden was dubbed after the legendary “Talongon” tree from where the acclaimed mountain Barangay Mantalongon got its name.

Early of its operation, the garden has already caught the attention of local and foreign tourists as it saw a gradual increase in terms of frequency and the number of visitors. Hence, because of the local government passion to offer new and innovative experience, it has embarked on to a full force development of the flower garden making its temporary closure for almost a month to pave way for site improvement. Finally last March 24, 2018, spearheaded by Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante, with the presence of Director Benjamin S. Gomo of PhilFIDA VII, Municipal and Barangay elected officials, selected municipal employees and members of People’s Organization (PO’s), the Mt. Talongon Flower Garden soft opening ceremony took its place. The ceremony marks the garden’s official opening to the public.

flower gardenA 2.1 hectare government property, Mt. Talongon Flower Garden has several distinct features that will surely offer unique level of hospitality, comfort and ambience to its visiting tourists.

The Flower Garden. Exhibit different cut flower varieties seldom seen and of vibrant colours, the flower garden will serve as premier natural attraction to local and foreign tourists. Solid pathways will guide and secure visitors around the garden as they slay their time taking photos around this astounding nature

flower pondThe Freshwater Fish Ponds. While cut flower plants display remains the focal point of the Mt. Talongon Flower Garden, fish culture ponds engage visitors to other form of leisure activity which will enhance the garden’s total visitor experience.

flower bambooThe Bamboo Gazebo. An extra feature of the flower garden, bamboo gazebos are perfect place where visitors can make the most of their time to relax amidst exquisite flora and fauna. Inspired by its natural beauty, the bamboo gazebo compliments perfectly with the environment- a unique feature that adds value to the overall experience.

Wooden benches are also structured to provide place to sit and relax whiling the time away. A tourist’s information centre was also constructed strategically where visitors have to log and pay the required entrance fee to the flower garden which opens every day from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon.

The Mt. Talongon Flower Garden is indeed a showcase of garden artistry that presents natural beauty in an entertaining way, where wonders bloom and people come to share moments together.

family dayAn attendance of almost ninety women who are decided on practicing their chosen family planning method signed up for Family Health Day, a series of activities all rolled up into a whole-day event held in Mantalongon National High School’s covered court on Monday, February 26, 2018.

The event which was organized in close partnership with Engender Health-Visayas is guided with the theme, “Ang Planadong Buhay ay Malusog na Buhay,” and is committed to a goal of providing the right family planning method suited for and willingly chosen by each participant.

Highlights of the event include basic discussions on long-term family planning methods by trained health care providers, correcting erroneous myths and beliefs regarding family planning options, as well as on-the-spot administration of family planning services, especially long-term options like subcutaneous implants and intra-uterine devices (IUDs). The event was deemed highly successful with more than seventy women residing from 16 upland barangays in the municipality effectively provided with family planning methods of their choice.

Fueled with positive responses gained from participants and their respective husbands who joined in support for the event, the health office aspires to conduct more activities like this which is rooted to achieve zero unmet needs for modern family planning as stated in The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act as well as augment awareness and knowledge, and empower women on their rights to decide on family planning services in conjunction with their partners to fully establish a healthy family that is the foundation of a progressive community.

pasidungogIn this 307th fiesta celebration of Dalaguete and as one with the Archdiocese in preparation for the five hundred years of evangelization in the Philippines, this year’s theme “Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons” has paved way for this celebration named Pasidungog. This celebration is also an invitation for deeper discipleship and communion towards a common journey towards holiness. Over the years, Dalaguete has a good number of religious persons that dedicated themselves to the service of the Lord. They serve as a constant reminder to us Dalaguetnons to love unconditionally, to forgive steadfastly, and to serve selflessly. They are not only the pride of their respective family but also to every Dalaguetnon.

The Fiesta Executive Committee 2018, to celebrate this year’s theme and together with the celebration of the annual fiesta, held the “Pasidungog: A Celebration of Faith and Servitude” last February 8, 2018 at the Dalaguete Sports Complex. Dalaguetnon nuns and priests who have successfully transcended into priesthood and the convent life were the honoured guest. The event served as a tribute to the consecrated persons as a way of giving thanks, showing appreciation and acknowledging their dedication in spreading God’s word and educating people about faith.

The event started with a holy mass at 5:30PM at the San Guillermo de Aquitania Parish, celebrated by Most. Rev. Oscar Jaime Florencio, D.D Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cebu, it was attended by Dalaguetnon nuns and priest who have confirmed their attendance for the event. It was also graced by family members of nuns and priests who are present, as well as family members of those who cannot come because of conflict of their schedule, some who are based abroad because of their assignments and some nuns are not allowed to go out because of their orders. When the mass ended, a private dinner was held at the courtyard of the church where families and honoured guests were given the opportunity to socialize with one another. Familiarizing themselves with fellow Dalaguetnon consecrated personalities whom they have met for the first time or those whom they have not seen for a long time. Everyone was elated. The catching-up moment brought so much laughter especially within family members of the consecrated people. God truly favored the event for He has given us a fair weather on that night.

After the dinner, honoured guest and their respective families proceeded to the sports complex for the prepared program and a little entertainment show. The program started at around 8:30PM, students from Meadow of Growth opened the program through a doxology. Rev. Fr. Aloysious Alojipan and Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante, both gave their respective messages to welcome the honoured guests, their families and guests who have come to witness the event.

The Cebu Clergy Performing Arts graced the event by entertaining all present guests as well as spectators. They performed a variety of songs in different genre to satisfy the audience’s delight as well as to make the night livelier. Chosen local talents have also graced the event, performing a few songs for everyone. As one of the main purpose of the event, recognizing the profound dedication of Dalaguetnon consecrated persons in their chosen field, awarding ceremony proceeded to present to the Dalaguetnon nuns and priest and to their family members their respective plaque of appreciation. Every family had the chance to be on stage, to be on the limelight. We owe it all to them for being able to raise a child fully dedicated to service.

The event ended with a video compilation of all Dalaguetnon nuns and priests wishing every Dalaguetnons a merry and joyous fiesta and to remind everyone the true meaning of such celebration. The event ended successfully together with cooperation of the Fiesta Executive Committee 2018 and the participating local government offices that made everything possible for that night.

dental check upMore than two hundred participants comprising of day care pupils, parents, barangay daycare workers, and health personnel of the rural health unit (RHU) II of Dalaguete have gathered for the launching of the Philippine Anti-Cavity Campaign on February 28, 2018 at the Mantalongon National High School covered court.

With the municipality’s partnership with Colgate-Palmolive Philippines and its initiative for dental health aiming for every Filipino child to have brighter smiles, day care pupils and their parents alike had joined in the day’s activities such as oral health education, tooth brushing drills, free dental check-ups, and fluoride varnish application. With the theme, “Ngipon nga Gigalam sa Pagkabata, Himsug nga Pahiyum Hangtud sa Pagkahamtong,” all daycare children were given dental kits to ensure oral health and hygiene and will be monitored with monthly barangay visits by RHU 2 dentist, Dr. Lilybeth Concha.

The event is supported by municipal health physicians, Dr. Pernita Almagro-Bautista and Dr. Keilah G. Sinahon. Both doctors, along with the health office, is in line with the earnest cause of seeing orally-fit children with brighter smiles until they reach adulthood, and is highly optimistic to make oral health a habit that will be passed on to the future generations to come to keep not only Dalaguete, but the whole Philippines, smiling with healthy teeth.

mgd niteThe festivity has officially started last January 31, 2018. Dalaguetnons welcomed the celebration of the 307th Town Fiesta Celebration in honor of their patron saint, St. William De Aquitania. Year after year, the loud ringing of the bells in the belfry at 12noon signifies the beginning of the 9 days novena entertainment and preparation. At 4pm in the afternoon, multitudes of teachers with their students gathered for the symbolic parade and motorcade with the image of San Guillermo De Aquitania. This parade was leaded by the local government unit of Dalaguete. The parade went all over Poblacion, a symbolic representation of awakening the festive spirits in the locals.

Right after the parade was the mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Jorge Carao of Our Lady of Peace Parish Sucat and Rev. Fr. Pantaleon Amaya Jr. of the Sacred Heart Parish, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia which are both homegrown Dalaguetnon priests. The pilgrims and offerers were leaded by the Dalaguete Municipal Employees and Officials of the Dalaguete Philippine National Police Commission.

The local government unit of Dalaguete brought Wacky Kiray of I Can See Your Voice and Klarisse De Guzman of Pinoy Dream Academy all from the ABS-CBN network. The show started at 9:30 on the dot. Both made the crowd elated. Klarisse De Guzman brought the crowd wanting for more through her singing prowess. The crowd couldn’t believe that she too can bring laughter by just simply belting out her soulful voice together with her wacky side prompting the audience to join her in singing. She was on the go too when audience try to take selfies with her, hugging her out of nowhere and by just simply staring at her. She has this beautiful demeanor of a singer who is out there, enjoying the show.

Added much raucous too was the Wacky Kiray who left the crowd locked-jaw literally! The crowd can’t seem to get off wearing their happy faces when Wacky Kiray took the center stage. He was not just the typical comedian who wanted to make the crowd laugh. He is more to that. In a dinner interview with him, he said that all he ever wanted was to make the audience laugh and be at their best, to enjoy the moment while it last. Apparently, he did a good job. The audience was in total uproar when he sang his heart out too, bolstering audience participation much to the delight of the crowd. In a post-interview at the back stage, he said, he was supposed to be only doing his act for approximately one hour, he didn’t notice the time because he had so much fun on the stage. He totally consume two and a half hours on stage. He thanked everyone for being so participative and jamming all throughout the event. The show ended exactly at 12 midnight bringing huge grins to everyone. This just proves that the show was indeed a five out of five rating!


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